2019-02-10 Sunday Status Catch-Up, Bonus Edition

As predicted things are, at long last, starting to slow down and it’s just about time I got back to some good ole accounting of stats. I know going into this that I’m not back to hitting my goals yet and have sacrificed both sleep and exercise this week as I’m establishing my new routine and daily commute. Time to validate that.

Sleep.. off by “that” much. 6 hours and 50 minutes average a night and now as far as I can see, the only way around this will be to go to bed earlier (not happening) or take naps. “I’ll choose door number two Bob”. Of course this will be better on weeks my kids are with their dad -or- when my daughter starts driving. That second one will be more of a possibility when the weather gets better and when my comfort level for her driving goes up. In short, sleep is the main sacrifice I’m making right now for the luxury of living with my fiancé. Still worth it by far!!

Steps would be a secondary sacrifice and certainly way easier to fix. I’m at about 10K average per day for the week and that’s low for me historically speaking. I should be able to get back to goal much easier on this one because I now have the treadmill I’ve always wanted. In truth, the low count on things this week is more to do with my work than anything. I mean, I have a new set list of things to get done each day around the new house and all that takes barely no time at all. Anytime I have an extra half hour or even 20 minutes, I should be able to pop downstairs and walk. No excuses!!

I did pretty good with healthy eating this week and went into Friday feeling great about that. Then the road-trip happened and then Friday Night happened and it all kinda went to shit. It started with cheeseburgers and fries and went onto pizza and ended with red wine. Nothing like feeling like I undid all the progress is made earlier in the week. Whatever. 🤷‍♀️

I kicked ass at work and was able to get a ton done in about 20 hours. I hit my quota for one project and sacrificed the other to do that. I’m still not back to 30 hours per week and wondering how long this can go on without someone saying something to me about it.

School is still on hold and I’m not yet making anything out of this semester to play catch-up on that but that’s going to happen soon. Today is typically a good day to start but I’m holding off on this one until tomorrow at the moment.

Of course my relationship status is solid. The last couple weeks have been a great test of our ability to work together as a team through a number of challenges. Seeing someone under pressure in abnormal circumstances is telling too. It’s been great for the most part and the biggest strain in the past couple weeks has been dealing with our respective exes and their typical bullshit shenanigans. At our age, it just seems almost everyone who had kids with their previous significant others is going to have that crappy baggage. We both do.

What else? Ahhhh, here’s a new category which might be worth a second look and the jury is still out on if it’s worthy of including in the normal rotation. It’s my “screen time stats”. Tho is a feature of the iPhone Jim introduced me to about three weeks ago and I serendipitously got a notification about it just now. Here are my stats for this week..

Average screen time per day – 2 hours and 15 minutes. Down 24% from last week.

Productivity (Evernote, wordpress, slack, mail, etc) came in the highest with 5h 8m total for the week.

Social networking (messages, twitter, Snapchat, FB, messenger, etc) camecin second with 3h 35m total for the week. That’s incredible. I never would have guessed.

Entertainment (YouTube, Alexa, music) came in last with 1h 13m total for the week.

This is incredibly interesting and worth a little more investigation. It looks like you can set limits and I’m guessing that would trigger notifications if you go over. 🤔 There are other categories like games, education, health and fitness, etc which I spent mere minutes on.

It also records how many times you picked your phone up and how many notifications you received. Last week I picked my phone up 49 times per day on average and got about 58 notifications per day. Again, super interesting. Perhaps if I’ve got a little spare time this week I’ll check into it a little deeper. Of course this will mean my screen time for this next week will go up. How ironic! 😜

Anyway.. that’s enough for this week. I’m done checking it.. time to go wreck it!! 😉

Peace Out,

~Miss SugarCookie

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