2020-08-11 This!!

Life is good.

I mean I know it’s a pandemic and the world is going to shit but how bad can it be if I can get a sudden rush crave for Rusty Taco fried fish tacos and order online and have those tacos in front of my mouth in a matter of minutes?

Makes me sound like a spoiled princess but I was given the advice once to never apologize for my life. So… not sorry.

I’ve struggled to embrace the semi-charmed kind of life I’m living but those days are coming to a close. I’m all the way charmed now. And pretty soon now I’ll be ordering tacos from a tropical beach somewhere. I’m throwing my hands in the air like I just don’t care.

Cuz.. how long can this pandemic last? And there will always be drama. World drama. Drama on foreign soil. Suffering somewhere and suffering right here. Local uprisings and injustice. Life, as they say, is suffering. Stand up for what you can, when you can. Most importantly teach your children how to teach their children. That’s the only Way things will get better.

Wow. That went all really preach-y. Sorry guys. It happens. 🤷‍♀️

As one might guess I’m hopped up on coffee and high on the idea of quitting my job, so I feel like I have all the answers and can take on the world. I’ll admit, it’s a great feeling.

Gotta go put in some work hours. Counting down the days and hours!!

Peace, Love, and Tacos,
~Miss SugarCookie

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