2020-11-11 Streaks, Smoothies, and the Same Old-Same Old

Another productive day yesterday but no poetry. WordPress tells me I’m on a 19 day streak. That was not on my list of goals for the month, but it is evidence that when given time I gravitate to more walking which leads to more blogging. My Average step count has gone up in the last month too.

My previous goal was 12K which I rarely achieved this year after the pandemic hit and my Previous job sucked So much time out of my day. My new goal is 15K and I’m now killing it!

I’m still struggling with eating healthy. I mean, I’m having these protein shakes each day to start things off right and that’s pretty good, but it’s kind of unsatisfying because I look forward to eating food. It’s hard for me to separate seeing food as energy and also seeing it as an enjoyable act. If I could just drink these smoothies and forget about it, I could probably hit my macronutrient goal, 30% protein without problems.

But as soon as I’m done drinking the smoothie, I’m immediately thinking about what I would like to eat. Something crunchy or salty or savory. Perhaps a fried egg with salsa or a handful of nuts would do the trick, without blowing the carbs up, but the point is that the shake is supposed to be enough fuel.

It’s the same after dinner. I’ll have a sensible meal but then feel like I need to eat something sweet for dessert. I feel like I’ve figured this one out though. The sweet treat I’ve devised for myself is a cup of yogurt mixed with more of the protein powder. If I have that at the right time in the evening it keeps me satisfied right up through bed time. It helps if I go to bed between 9 and 10.

I did that a few nights ago and had a glorious and highly elusive 8 hours of sleep. Last night I was not able to get to bed that early and so it was back to the same old-same old. However, I did miss my target goal by a sliver and so that still feels like a win. In the official book, I won’t count it as a win, because I’m a stickler like that, but I’ll know that it’s a step in the right direction. The ultimate goal is sleep enough to leave me well rested with energy to spare. Of course, I’m hoping the protein is part of that puzzle. I believe it’s all connected.

Today I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on submitting a larger manuscript, chapbook size, to a publisher. I took a slice of my thesis manuscript, with a common theme and formed it into what I hope is a publishable book. Time will tell.

I wish I had more to write about, but I feel pretty uninspired today. I suppose this will be sufficient to keep my streak going but thinking I need to change things up tomorrow, use the time I have to read instead of droning on about my health goals. It’s such a broken record, but that’s life you know.

Same story, different day.
~Miss SugarCookie

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