2021-11-17 Hello Austin.. Ohhh, How I’ve Missed You

If I would have posted what I wrote yesterday, the title might have been “Miss SugarCookie is On the Move Again” or “Austin Adventure Day 0” or maybe “Seven Reminders Why I Hate Air Travel” but I only wrote a handful of sentence that had nothing to do with traveling or my trip and then my headache and frame of mind prevented me from writing anything else. 

Today I am waking up in a familiar bed in a familiar place that is my home away from home. At long last, I have finally returned to Austin and am extremely ready for some great R & R and QT with my Texas bestie. 

Part of the problem in trying to get here (both mentally and physically) is letting go of my responsibilities at home. Yesterday was a doozie and I want to leave the past in the past. Sometimes I go on and on about how my new job as a housewife is actually more work than my old job as an IT engineer but that is because it is often true. But, being a housewife and SAHM are not my only gigs now and getting the latest issue of my lit mag up on the site was part of the full court press I’m trying to let go of now. 

I’ve just now sent a few follow-up emails and once I scrawl some tasks I don’t want to forget down in my planner, I will be free from all that at least for a few days. I’m excited to turn my attention to other things. More specifically–enjoying conversations with my friend and doing all the fun things she has planned for our mutual “vacation.”

Today will be walking, and tennis, and meeting some other folks out for a good meal. I’m looking forward to catching up but also to THIS. Which is laying in bed past 8am, not being needed to cook or clean or scoop litter boxes, and having the time to write from my laptop instead of multitasking from my treadmill. Don’t get me wrong, I love my treadmill but sometimes it is nice to just sit and write without feeling like I should also be doing something else productive to maximize my time. 

On that note, it sounds like my friend is home from taking her kids to school and I should probably go downstairs and say Hi. 

Time to truly let go and get into the zone. The home-away-from-home zone.


~Miss SugarCookie

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