2022-04-26 Being the Boss of Me…

When I used to have a career, I always subscribed to this notion when approaching management with an issue: Don’t show up empty handed. Show up with potential solutions or at the very least something helpful or positive to counterbalance any bad news or problems.

Now that I’ve dumped my career, I still think this way of thinking holds value. It’s not accurate to say I’m my own boss though, since I still spend 95% of my time doing things for other people—my husband, our children, the lit mag, the cats, the house. (Yes, the house IS an entity in its own right). 

So who’s the boss I need to bring my issues to now? Is it Jim.. my kids.. or the Universe at large? Hard to say. 

I suppose it depends on the issue at hand. But if my issue was melancholy and dissatisfaction about life, isn’t it just me? This question appears rhetorical but it’s not. If you, dear reader, think I should search outside myself for resolution to this issue, please don’t hold back. Please let me know. 

If I alone am the boss of this situation, though, what positive suggestion or good news might I pair with my complaint? 

More exercise might help. Adding music will be even more effective. Carve out a little more “me” time. Do something that makes me smile and nourishes my soul. Hmmmm 🤔 … the positive seems nebulous. What exactly makes me smile? What activities nourish? What does more “me” time consist of?

I think I want to create something. Since writing is pretty much out of the question as it will no doubt make me feel worse, maybe I should paint or play around with creating a website or turn the dirt in the garden or learn a new craft. Maybe I should make a to-do list for myself for the week and prioritize those things above others. Maybe I should quit dishes, laundry, or litter boxes?

Who am I kidding.. if I didn’t do those things this house would get hard to come home to very quickly. So perhaps a to-do list with a reasonable balance between these and other duties as assigned. 

As any seasoned (ie. OCD) list maker might.. The first thing on the list is to make a list. 😜

  • Make a list
  • Get 1 hour of cardio
  • Turn the dirt in the garden (prerequisite: temps above 60)
  • Finish the re-do in the balcony room, comfy chair, paint supplies, decor. Followed by cracking open that new dystopian fiction I’ve been holding off starting.

Sad that’s all I can think of right now. I just need to find something new and I don’t know what. I’m a terrible self-manager.

If I was me and came to myself lamenting about how unsatisfying my job is and then followed that with these sorry suggestions, I’d throw my own ass out the door, smack my hand on the desk, and say “get back to work!”

I dunno, maybe a better thought would come to me in the shower, as better thoughts often do. 💡 

Shower-time it is!!! 😜

Ciao for now,

~Miss SugarCookie

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