2022-11-01 Latest and Greatest Austin Adventure Wrap-Up

It’s 10:34 on a Monday night… but not any Monday night. It’s Halloween Night and just also happens to be my last night in Austin. I’ve been here longer than I usually stay. Normally, I would leave on Sunday or Monday at the latest, but I wanted to ride out the holiday down here and get to celebrate with my friends and their kids. You know, live vicariously through them as parents of kids still in their prime Halloween years.

Of course, it was lovely to have extra QT with my Texas bestie too. We had some great long walks and conversations. As I continue to work through how I feel about all the latest developments of my life, it is nice to get a fresh perspective on it and I always value what she and her husband have to say about things. They are good listeners with very level heads and they dig deep with their questions to really understand the dynamics of the complete picture. 

I want to write all about it, but also all about everything we did while I was here. I’m kind of torn at the moment and also super tired and just want to go to sleep. Perhaps the travel day tomorrow will give me a good opportunity to get it all down. 

Yeah.. as I type this my eyes are going blurry and I can’t stop yawning so I think it’s going to have to wait.

# November 1st

My sleep was restless and full of dreams and I woke to the reality that I’ve got to get back to reality today. My friends are already there, working their jobs and tending to the kids and house. Not that they haven’t been but today it’s really back to normal. 

I’m packing to get on a plane. I’ve been awake since 5am, working on the lit mag since 6, and now getting a little bit of cardio in.

Last night I was torn by whether I should spend my precious time on writing about all that we did here and the play-by-play or focus on my continued thoughts on the latest drama. 

Then I can’t help but think about who might be reading and that begins to influence my decision about what to write. See what I mean about knowing who is reading and how it can affect what’s being written!?! #truth

So here’s the play-by-play…

Day 0, I arrive at dinner time and quickly whisked away from the airport to our traditional day 0 catch up spot, District Kitchen.

We have a delicious meal and chat about surface level goings on including what’s up with some of our mutual friends. It’s less about gossip and more about the fact that we are each respectively closer to certain people in the circle than the other. You know “so-and-so has moved in with their GF” and stuff like that. 

After a long dinner we head home, say our good nights, and go to bed. 

Day 1 is Friday and I wake refreshed and am greeted by my lovely friend at the kitchen table with hot coffee and avocado toast.

We’re still kinda in work mode and both have stuff to wrap up before we can break away. Her husband brings home sandwiches for lunch and we talk about plans for the weekend. 

After a bit we get out for a walk and begin catching up more on a personal level. How all our kids are doing, how work is going, and any new news. Then we hit the grocery store for dinner supplies. She’s a fabulous cook! 

Dinner is low key and her husband has a sister in town that joins us. The evening is equally as chill and we don’t even stay up late.

Day 2 is Saturday and we go for a longer walk in the morning. I’m brought fully up to date on stuff with them and what’s been going on since I last saw them a year ago. 

In the afternoon we went to their daughter’s volleyball tournament and then came home to get ready to go out for a group meet-up with the larger Austin crew.

It was dinner at a delicious seafood place I’ve apparently been to but don’t remember. I had the tuna steak and it did not disappoint! After, I was so ready for the crème brule but was denied because we had reservations to go bowling. BOWLING!!

I haven’t bowled in like 15 years and not seriously for over 20. Needless to say, it took me a little bit to get in the groove but the “competitive” SugarCookie in me could not help but get a little serious about it.

Because of a glitch in the machine, I ended up with the highest score on the first game (but it would have been super close). Then I came in 3rd in the second game cuz my fellow bowlers were also finding their stride. If we would have played one more, I think I would’ve had them again, but who knows with the randomness that a good cosmo can cause. 😉

And with that, I can confirm that we’re all officially old because after dinner and bowling we were all ready to go home and get to bed. That’s all right by me… We had a great time.

Day 3 was Sunday and it was a slow start to the morning but eventually we made our way out to the long walk I’d been looking forward to. That’s when we really had the opportunity to chat about more serious things. All I can say is that it was wonderful and gave me more clarity with regard to some of the conclusions already forming in my mind. 

The afternoon and evening that day were full of QT with the fam and fun Halloween festivities like pumpkin carving. I’m now considered the pumpkin master in the eyes of their kids. 🎃 Ha! 

All this was followed by another wonderful home cooked meal and board games. Yay!!

After the kids went to bed, the adults stayed up talking and talking until it became late and it was just me and my bestie and the two pups. She shared more of her thoughts and reminded me, as she always does, what an amazing and deserving person I am. I mean, I’m not good at taking compliments like that but, it is nice to hear. Especially when I’ve been so in my head this past week.

Day 4 was Monday and Halloween. The kids had school and my friend took the day off work so we could go on a longer hike on some trails she had not been to before. In the end it was the sun that made us decide to call it a day. Also.. I haven’t walked this much in a while and my feet were kind of feeling it.

We grabbed a quick lunch of Mac and cheese on the way home and after that I was ready for a nap. But I’m so out of practice that I could not fall asleep. I’m just not used to lying down in the middle of the day, even for a rest. 

Once 4pm hit though all the party commotion started to happen and the wheels were in motion. The kids put on their costumes, the scavenger hunt clues were planted, and the pizza order was put in. My friends host a neighborhood gathering of kids and families and then they all go in one big group, house to house, to trick-or-treat.

It was a good night, but exhausting. And I’m still tired today from it, and from waking up at 5am. I think it must be nerves about traveling because I think I’ve been sleeping great otherwise.

Which brings me right to today. Day 5 and the flights home. I’m currently on a flight from Austin to Houston which will go on to Omaha from there. It was a good trip, but I’m ready to be home.

It is strange to be flying home on Tuesday. When I get there, it will seem like (almost) the halfway point of the week already. 

So that’s it for another fun trip to Austin. I hope ya’ll enjoyed reading this insignificant nonsense and mostly irrelevant pictures. For real, it’s not even useful for travel tips or restaurants because I don’t know or remember the names of any places I’ve been. Except maybe District Kitchen but I could be remembering that wrong too. 😜🤷‍♀️

Guess you’ll have to stay tuned if you want to know what’s what with the rest of the stuff.

Peace and love, 

~Miss SugarCookie

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