2023-04-11 There’s No Way Like the Just Say “No” Way…

My current declaration is that I am backing off from making new commitments and revoking goals that have previously been set. I’m just saying “no.”

I don’t have any more professional public appearances on the books and have completely let go of *most* of my monthly resolutions—No dietary modifications, writing objectives, reading quotas, exercise directives, or room reorganizations. It’s all been nixed. 

So what has that left me with? I suppose it is more of a laser focus on Good Life tasks and getting our spring issue to the finish line. Almost there. 🤞 

In general though, it’s left me with more time which means I don’t have to fret as much when stuff at the house needs attention or my parents or children. Like today. I don’t have the same amount of anxiety I would normally when practically my whole day will be spent on a double-duty trip to CB. I’m not worried because all the rest of the mischief has either been managed or can wait. 

My days feel more free and chill. I’m working to embrace the feels without guilt, which is a real thing. But I’m making progress. 

The weather has turned lovely almost overnight so the timing of this new found freedom could not be better. Hell, I might end up going on a walk or bike ride spontaneously and wouldn’t THAT be something?! 

What else? 

Well.. once my good daughter duty is done today I’ll be free the rest of the week for whatever else strikes my fancy. Tomorrow I’m going to Lincoln to visit a few of my favorite people, Thursday will be an indulgent self-care “me” day, and then Friday is wide open for whatever comes my way. The pool is being opened this week so maybe it will be the first swim of the season. 

Life is all about balance though so I’m planning to do a little dirt work in the garden and help my son with finances, laundry, and his disaster of a room. Good gravy, that shit is out of control!! Im also going to keep pressing forward with my one remaining goal. 

/oh now the truth comes out 

Yeah… I’m back on the submission train, sending my heart and soul out into the wide world of lit mags and journals. The new angle is two or three a day of different caliber. Which just means that I’m sending my best work out to top-tier places and my less than best (because not all the darlings are created equal) to the mid and lower tier or newer publications. 

I’ve devised a new fool proof strategy to identify the places and determine their tier. And I don’t have any way to really know the strength or quality of my own work, I’ve got a pretty good spidey sense about it. 

It’s all a work in progress and I’m hoping that my new strategy will result in a few acceptances. Enough to tide me over while I wait for New York and Paris to reject my work.

Anyway, Some goals are harder to let go than others (or easier to keep). I mean, I have all this amazing poetry. Why shouldn’t it be published??!! 

I think that’s it for today. Any more and I’d probably do a deep dive into my brilliant new strategy and the resources I’m using for analysis. Ain’t nobody for time for that. 😜

Until Next Time. Peace and Love,

~Miss SugarCookie

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