2017-02-19 Sushi Sunday + Stats

It’s Sushi Sunday again and I had a little of this and a little of that at the Dragon Cafe. I always order too much so that I have some left over for lunches during the week. I went with my friend Josh today who gets all you can eat and so he’s not allowed to take leftovers. I *may* have snuck a few of his fancy rolls onto my plate. Such a rule breaker. 😉

As for my weekly stats…
Last Night: 5 hours and 33 minutes. I blame the margaritas.
Average for the past week: 7 hours 11 minutes. Slightly better but not good enough. I did not count the one night this week that I clocked 0 hours of sleep. So it was the average of 6 nights.
Goal: 8 hours.

Today: Jazzercise – 1 hour. Walk – 1 hours. Tennis 2 hours.
21K+ steps.
Average steps for the week: 17,944 I guess I’ve been in beast mode lately.
My knees both hurt and I think tomorrow is going to have to be a total recovery day.

Today Total Calories under daily goal: 340
Today Net Calories under daily goal: 2,200
Total Calories over goal for the week: 2472
Net Calories under goal for the week: 4157
The net under factors in exercise and so that much under and I should see some results. But my weight change is not affected by this.. yet. It could be that I am also adding muscle at the same time.

Sugar is down this week and therefore carbs are down and fat and protein are up.
Carb 48% of diet.
Fat 37% of diet.
Protein 15% of diet. I’d like to get this up to 20% to help build that muscle. The more muscle I have the more I can eat.

I Broke the seal last night and had some drinks. I was invited to a party and margaritas were the reason for the party so I could not turn that down. It was a bunch of people I never met before and my friend Leah who invited me to tag along with her. It was fun and entertaining. Lots of bold personalities and I was able to blend in with the kitchen appliances and just listen to the conversation. There were some great stories and at one point I was laughing so hard that my abs hurt. Life is good.

Relationship Status: Single and survived Valentines week. It’s like a distant memory to me already.

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