2017-03-13 A Test of My Resolve

Yesterday I wrote about giving up Caffeine. I think it was actually the middle of the week last week when I made that decision and had my last sip of sweet french vanilla latte. I did have a couple of days with a slight headache and sort of powered through that. I have not had too many actual cravings, but as I stated yesterday this past weekend I’ve sort of been eating everything my heart desires so that’s probably been keeping me from wanting anything else.

Today, however, I’m running on 2 hours and 38 minutes of sleep (according to my trusty Fitbit). I had to get up this morning at about 7AM and prepare myself for a fairly challenging day at work. I had to power through it. I’m doing it and I’m bound and determined that I don’t need the coffee.

It’s really not been that tough yet, but we’ll see what the day brings.

Also – the sleep thing is so important, and that has to change. I can’t keep doing this to myself and not expect there to be consequences. At this point I’m so far from my daily goal of 7 or 8 hours a night, it’s crazy. I need a better balance.

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