2017-07-08 Little Bits of Lots of Stuff

It’s Saturday in a life where everyday feels like Saturday now. I made myself a to-do list at the beginning of the week and as soon as I am done writing today I am going to go down to the kitchen to check it and see how I did. There are no “rights and wrongs” in this game I’m playing now. Whatever happens happens.

I can say that I have been procrastinating a little trip planning though. I have plane tickets and a rental car booked for next week but not much beyond that. I want to play this one slow and loose and not get too hung up on schedules. I’m taking the kids on our first real adventure this year and we are going to go explore the Pacific NorthWest, starting in Portland.

I visited Portland last year with Matt and we did a lot of stuff and the one thing I found really noteworthy was an old school building that had been turned into a hotel/restaurant/bar. It was McMenamins Kennedy School, but not really a destination for kids really, if I am remembering correctly (lots of bars). I also really dug the rose garden we went to, but the kids would also not have a lot of interest in that. I should probably start my planning by looking up stuff for families to do in Portland. I should, but again, procrastinating for some reason.

I have not written in a couple of days and have had a few meet ups, you know, in the interest of trying to fortify some relationships. I had lunch with my sister on Thursday. I had a drink with Kevin and Chris Thursday night. I had a second date with Mr. Fireworks (who shall henceforth be named “the dud” instead) on Wednesday. Then yesterday, Friday, I had lunch with a former co-worker, a wedding reception for my Friend Geri in the evening, followed by dinner and a movie with Josh. So, I guess I have been busy.

Most of it was pretty good, save maybe the second date on Wednesday. I don’t think I will be seeing that guy again. My feelings are not really hurt about that at all. I think i learned a little bit about myself and what I am looking for and how this online dating stuff works in the process. No harm, no foul. I tend to get caught up in my own head about stuff rather quickly and I think I just need to just adjust that dial a little bit and not get too wound up too fast.

I’ve re-written my bio for the Bumble app like three or four times now but I think I finally have it right. It is tough to convey what you want to convey about who you are and what you are looking for in 300 words or less. Especially for a writer.

Josh and I have talked pretty openly about the online dating and the process and what its flaws are. He’s on OK Cupid and does not have any faith that he will find his match through that. He’s also a firm believer that if you do the things you already like doing in your life everyday, that is how you will meet that right person. I agree with this to some extent, but this too has it’s flaws. I could probably do a whole blog post about each of these methods. Maybe I will.

My focus for any one topic today seems off and I’m low on sleep and battery power for my laptop so I’m going to cut here and try and ease my way into this Saturday. Perhaps there will be more later.

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps,
~Miss SugarCookie

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