2018-02-13 Tuesday’s are Pretty Bomb Too

Yesterday I bounced back from the low step counts from last week but still haven’t balanced things out with the coursework. I’ve gotta find the Mojo today to do some reading.

I’m meeting Simon for coffee at 2 to “catch up” and return the things he left at my house we used to patch the hole in my wall. I’m really not looking forward to it. Mostly because it’s gonna cut 2 valuable hours out of my afternoon but also because I’ve got nothing to say. 🤷‍♀️ Somebody’s mom somewhere sometime said “if you don’t have anything nice to day, keep yo damn mouth shut”. That’s pretty much me with all that right now.

It’s probably ok anyhow cuz he’s just going to want to talk about himself the whole time anyway.

I should ask the barista if they have a bottle of Baily’s behind the counter I could borrow. 😜 But I’m looking on the bright side.. my reward for being such a sport will be the second date I’m going on later tonight. Yeah that!!

I told this guy on Saturday you don’t start seeing someone right before Valentine’s Day. That’s against the rules in the handbook. It’s actually in BOLD print. It looks like I’ve got a rule breaker on my hands. I dig it!

In between these polar opposite meet ups I’ve got work which I’m feeling even better about after last week than I have previously. People are recognizing my value and I even got the nod yesterday to update the dashboard stats in prod. In a matter of like four weeks they’ve gone from being paranoid to provide me a user log on to allowing me to fiddle with stuff. It’s pretty inconsequential stuff and I can’t really screw anything up but the simple fact that they are starting to trust me is great!

I’m actually really looking forward to working more on these stats and the dashboard today. I’ll probably also try to squeeze an hour of AWS learning before I really dive back in. But first .. I gotta get my steps in. It’s 9am and the gym is pretty dead. Have I mentioned I really dig working on West Coast time? It’s pretty much the Bomb.

Time to give Fall Out Boy my full attention.

Until Tomorrow,

~Miss SugarCookie

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