2018-05-29 Transition Tuesday

Back home after the holiday now and time to dive back into the other lifestyle. I haven’t been to the gym in about a week and I basically unplugged from work for over a day. A whole day.. wow. That’s so necessary.

Even though I’m not working hours like I used to I am still working almost every day. I’m the main support person and that requires just a smidge of effort each day. I also seem to find myself working with people who also work all the time and it’s sometimes a challenge to set boundaries when that happens.

A few times over the weekend I put in hours testing and documenting for yet another mid-sprint release. It’s beyond me why we (my boss) would choose to promise the customer a release of the code on a holiday weekend when half the team is either awol for a Vegas weekend or otherwise occupied with barbecues, family, friends, and… uh… drinking. Whatever though. I’ve calculated that each release takes about 6 hours of dedicated work on my part so that’s money in the bank.

I stopped responding to slack on Sunday evening and will get back to it today. Work life balance is necessary and what I have not been good at in the past is knowing where to draw the line. I do now though and will not make such mistakes again.

The other transition today is having the kids back at home and it’s the first full week of summer.. no school. That means they will be home all day while I’m trying to work. I’ve worked a fair bit at home in the past while they were there but not full time. We’ll see how that goes.

And now the best transition of them all.. my Facebook relationship status. That’s right people.. it’s FB official.. I’m in a relationship. We both talked about our mutual distaste for social media yesterday and irritations with FB in general. Despite that, we both still wanted to share, especially since we’ve now met a majority of the other persons family. When I arrived home last night that notification was waiting for me. It gave me a nice warm fuzzy inside and I happily accepted the status change.

According to FB, I’ve been single since 2010. Now I’m not. It’s about time! 😜 That’s quite a transition indeed! Next stop .. a very happy hump day!!

Time to Earn go those Tacos, 🌮 🌮 🌮

~Miss SugarCookie

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