2018-07-29 Sunday Status – QAD

I don’t have a ton of time today as the kids and I are preparing to skip town and head to KC for a couple of days. Call it the last hurrah before we turn our attention to school starting in two weeks. KC is the only vacation they will be getting out of me this year. I went way over the top last year and need to even things out a bit this year so I’m keeping it simple. Just like the Sunday Status below.

Exercise.. 91477 steps this week which is about 13k average per day. Not hitting my goal but still not too terrible. I won’t mention how many steps I had while I was away for school, but let’s just say I’ve got serious catching up to do. I still haven’t replaced Jazzercise so the only thing I’m getting right now is cardio. I need to find the time to do yoga or some strength training but, as always, that’s easier said than done.

Eating/Health.. I’m not back to counting calories yet but my thing lately is less restrictions and more portion control. I’m happy to report I’ve now cut my daily caffeine in half and am still mostly headache free. I plan to cut out the caffeine completely in the next couple weeks. Actually, hopefully this week as I pull the trigger on something else health related (more in that coming soon).

Sleep.. 7 hours and 24 minutes average per night. This is what I’d like to call “da Bomb baby!”. It feels great getting this much sleep. I’m falling asleep each night in about 5 minutes and waking early to use the bathroom and then falling back asleep, which has always been a challenge. This sleep thing is the perfect litmus test for my overall state of being. 💙😴💙

Work.. I clocked 33 hours last week and am now on track again for learning new AWS skills. This past week I had my into to cloud formation and QuickStart and all that’s awesome (and not boring at all, by the way 😉). I’m now on 4 projects which is too many and need to talk with my boss about that, but seeing how things go for a while first.

School.. Ramping back up to full time this week. Residency summations are due soon and then 3 short weeks until the first packet of the semester is due. 😱

Relationship Status.. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

QAD != Every other day

QAD != Quintessential Art of Destruction

QAD != Quality Assurance Division/Department/Directive

QAD = Quick And Dirty 👍🏻✅

(There should be an emoji for not equal.. just sayn.)

Time to Hit the Road,

~Miss SugarCookie

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