2020-11-17 It’s a Trap

Four points of data begin to form a jagged curve that appears to be going up. The first two nights with my new sleep trial were inconclusive as the results were not great but potentially skewed by external factors. The last two night, I hope, are the start of a trend.

When testing a theory it’s important to only change one variable at a time, but when it comes to real life that is not as easy to do. Some factors are within my control and some are not. I’m trying to get the “time” factor on my side. The past two nights I’ve gone to bed at 9:30ish. That helps with the duration.

But the real test is being able to stay asleep. The CBD appears to be working. But again, it’s only four points of data. Ask me again in a month if I’m willing to hand over 60 bucks to the American Shaman folks for another bottle of that truly horrific tasting stuff.

I’m definitely feeling better today than the past two or three. The evidence is that I have a meetup outside the house today and I’m not dreading it or searching my brain for reasons to cancel. And the Universe knows I need to get out of this house.

I had an offer yesterday to do another meetup which might include a walk outside on Friday, and at the present moment that sounds amazing. Can we just skip to Friday? 😉

In other news I’ve already done the dishes today which means I’ve already listened to the news Alexa has to offer. I listen from two different sources so I can get two different media perspectives on what is important enough for a 5 minute briefing.

According to my sources you know who is not getting a briefing? Our new president. What the Fuck!! I’m so angry. I just can’t believe that the loser, as a last ditch Effort to hijack and embarrass our country further, is refusing to concede. I mean, of course I believe it. That’s what’s so incredibly frustrating.

Important briefings about intelligence matters and health matters are not being done and that is putting our country in a tricky pickle. You remember that tricky pickle post from a few weeks back. America is caught between first and second base with no way to get to either without being tagged out. Let’s just hope there’s no country out there conspiring to take advantage and really slam into us as we try to slide to safety.

Also Corona is out of control. Yes, I know, thanks Captain Obvious. But, things are bad, worse than anything experienced in America in the spring as states were locking down, but in the name of freedom, capitalism, and the economy my City and state are still not taking Necessary action.

It’s a clear message. The economy is more important than peoples lives. You’re freedom is more important than the healthcare worker or teacher who is completely wrecked with stress and will be scarred for life by daily trauma they are being asked to endure.

Shut it down people. Lock down and issue executive orders to shut down the economy too. Make everyone stay home for two months. And instead of arguing over stimulus packages just write up an executive plan to halt the economy as well. Mandate a halt to rent and mortgage and healthcare and insurance payments for two months.

Call it trickle-up theory. If the people at the bottom don’t have to pay, it affects the landlords, but if the landlords and shop owners don’t have to pay either, then they can survive too, then whatever moneys normally being paid into the “system” are static. Funds can be used for essential services, medical supplies, food, and The Universe willing, a vaccine and vaccine distribution.

The ultimate cost trickles all the way up to big business and let’s face it, big business can afford to take a hit.. for two months. Two months of total lock down. Give up your freedom to save your neighbor. Or your parents, or yourself.

A strangely unpopular opinion. How many people have to suffer?

But we can’t get executive orders if there are no executives to give them. There’s just children throwing temper tantrums and, dare I say it, figure heads too afraid to step in and make demands.

It’s all too political. And politics are preventing people from making rational decisions. There’s nothing I can do but be a good citizen and stay home.

Does that mean I should not conspire to meet up with people at their houses? Ahhhhh, nooooo. Now I’m the one in the tricky pickle.

Please click away, close the laptop lid, or whatever it takes to quit reading. Forget everything you’ve read here. This is not the post you are looking for.

Time to slide,
~Miss SugarCookie

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