2017-04-19 Wild Wild Wednesday

It’s been a long day. It’s been a long evening. I sort of feel like today was a success because I was able to balance everything and hit most of my goals but It’s 10:15 PM and I’m wiped, both mentally and physically.

I got 20K+ steps at the gym and went to Jazzercise. I cooked breakfast and dinner for the kids (lunch was courtesy of a TJ run). I worked a solid 7 hour day and managed to finally orchestrate our annual easter egg hunt. I think that is enough, but there is still more I could/should do.

I’m really not prepared to go out of town for a week. My mind is already racing to write mental lists of things I don’t want to forget, both for my project and for actually traveling. Friday I fly to Phoenix for work and it’s kind of a big deal. Tomorrow I’m booked solid for meetings and my evening will be spent packing and preparing, so the frenzy is only going to increase.

The best rest I will probably get the remainder of this week is in the air, and that sucks because I don’t really relax very well on an airplane. Perhaps I’ll take a Xanax. My sister takes it for her flying anxiety, perhaps I can too. Perhaps I should take one now and really get a good night sleep tonight.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. (now channeling Cake).

Time for Lights Out,
~Miss SugarCookie

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