2017-11-19 The 11:30 Quick and Dirty

It’s getting close to that midnight hour and I haven’t blogged yet today. I’ve had quite the full day.. Jazzercise, Gym, Cooking, Christmas Decorating with the kids (yeah, that happened), and then a visit to Simon’s. I’ve just plum run out of time. So this one will have to be quick. No doubt the perfect opportunity for a Sunday Status Update…

Exercise/Steps: My average steps for the last 7 days exceeded 20k steps per day. I also averaged out at about 7 Jazzercise classes for the week.

Sleep: My 7 day average was 7 hours and 22 minutes. Last night I got 8 hours and 22 minutes!! 😀

Eating: It was a tough week and my willpower was low. I had too much junk with sugar in it. I’ve decided I’m going gluten free… and I started a couple of days ago. So far so good.

Employment: None. Soon to be a full time student.

Relationship: Dating. Is it dating? What’s the official definition?

Looking forward to:
1. Monday – Seeing Rebecca for lunch.
2. Tuesday – Girls night out (again with Rebecca).
3. Wednesday – Pie and Karaoke night with Simon.
4. Thursday – Thanksgiving at my sisters.
5. Friday – Friday!
6. Saturday – Dinner and game night at my other sisters.

I lied. It’s not yet 11:30 and this update was pretty clean.
It was quick though so I’m not totally wrong.

Tell Your Friends,
~Miss SugarCookie

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